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SmartMoves ® – Teeth Aligners

SmartMoves®  – Teeth Aligners

There is a smart way to a straight smile, and that's Smart Moves!

SmartMoves is a clear aligner system that will gradually straighten the teeth into a more desirable position. The system consists of three components: Smart Moves Complete, Smart Moves Classic, and Smart Moves Exceed. Smart Moves Complete involves a full-featured aligner system that works in tangent with 3D software to track teeth movement so you get the straightest smile possible. Smart Moves Classic is the most cost-efficient and highly effective solution for anterior teeth movement. These aligners are created on an as-needed basis so you are only paying for aligners you will actually use! Smart Moves Exceed is our third option and is a computer-aided bracket placement solution that exactly places each bracket with the help of digital software. The bonding trays are then manufactured with advanced 3D printing technology to fit your teeth with unparalleled exactness and comfort.

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